Broker Rewards

Broker Loyalty Program

Get rewarded for your loyalty to YachtCloser Financial.  Introduce YC Financial to all of your customers, and earn the following rewards based on loan volume over any 12 months.*

  • Silver

    Earn .50%

    0 to $250,000
  • Gold

    Earn .65%

    $251,000 to $750,000
  • Platinum

    Earn .80%

    Over $750,000


How to refer financing:
  1. Call or email 954-361-6022 /
  2. Send client to online credit application
  3. If using YachtCloser, Learn how to refer financing from your account

*Dollar ranges represent financing closed by YachtCloser Financial. Includes all transactions for trailing 12 month period (starting July 16th, 2018) - adjusted as of the end of each month representing previous 12-month total financing. Maximum allowable commission per deal is $8,000.